About Us

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While living in Asia for nearly 10 years, I started a handbag label called Tan & Brown. It quickly gained a cult following from celebrities to the girl next door. The playful designs and exceptional quality materials struck a chord with many women around the world. This experience gave me a great opportunity to manufacture, design and work directly with very talented artisans from Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Turkey and Australia.
I now live in Melbourne, Australia, pursuing my lifelong goal, to become a psychologist. Mental health is something I am very passionate about and my educational journey gives me purpose and fulfils me in a way I never thought was possible. While this does keep me busy it has been difficult to ignore the growing yearning to create a business again. 
Travelling has been an essential part of my life and I am lucky enough to have had the experience of living in Singapore and Bali for many years. A door was unlocked for me to travel within the region and build relationships with so many talented artisans.
With these relationships forged and a desire to bring you the creativity and energy of many regions across the globe, I bring you No.24. A series of trunk shows offering you hand picked pieces from the artisans and markets of Morocco, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and wherever the heart wanders. I work directly with small scale creators who are passionate about their pieces, showing off their skills and traditional techniques. Bought with an Australian design perspective, I have personally selected pieces to bring your wardrobe and home a playful edit with a boho vibe. Each piece is an authentic representation of their creator and showcase the colours, textures and vibrancy of their region.
Olivia Lennan