Fair Trade Baskets from Plants

Fair Trade Baskets from Plants

Fair Trade Baskets from Plants

Woven basket bags hit fever pitch this year and show no signs of slowing down this summer. They have evolved from the cheeky holiday purchase to a daily staple for every fashionista's off-duty wardrobe.

Our Ko Tao Tote, and Fanfare Tote embody the timeless appeal of your holiday find, but what are they made of? These baskets are made from the hyacinth plant. 

Using traditional handweaving techniques, each basket can take weeks to make from harvest to your door. Using sustainable resources and celebrating traditional techniques.

No.24 is committed to supporting creators of fair trade fashion and homewares. Our Southeast Asia collection is sourced from materials from Hmong, Karen, Akha and Lisu Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand and Vietnam.

Hill tribe communities often struggle to gain fair access to the modern economy. We are working with a manufacturer who sets sustainable pricing and is bridging the gap between the artisans and the modern community. Their goal is to foster an environment where the Hill Tribe partners flourish, become self-sustaining, and encourage growth and success for themselves, their families, and their local communities. 

To support this community, shop here.

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