Traditional Batik Printing Available Online

Beautiful Batik

Beautiful Batik

Our beautiful Batik collection embraces an East meets West aesthetic. Combining batik and playful pom pom details, these clutches are a must-have addition to your summer wardrobe. Our Batik collection at No.24 includes oversized clutches with contrasting pom pom details in yellow, pink, and red.

Batik is a tradition found in various countries including Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan. The technique involves applying a wax-resistant dye to the whole cloth. Our bags are made in partnership with the Hmong tribe in Northern Thailand to bring you their unique take on Batik printing. Batik serves as a medium to share their stories. Every Batik print has a unique story behind it.

First, these artisans create patterns by hand with a series of dots and lines, or by using special imprinting tools as seen below. The patterns are imprinted into the fabric using hot wax. After dyeing the material, the artisans remove the wax to reveal the finished product.

Traditionally, an indigo dye was only used, however, today a variety of colours are available.

Our Batik collection is infused with artisan precision and charm. Made with love and fair trade principles. Our Batik Clutches are available with Pink, Blue, and Yellow Pom Pom Trim.

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